NO AGE @ The Middle East


n704477281_1514047_1924A couple of weeks ago, my sister, my friend Matt, and I saw No Age at the Middle East in Cambridge. To put it simply, they rocked the shit out of that place. Starting off with one of my favorites, “Teen Creeps,” the place turned into a giant mosh pit for an hour and a half. I don’t think there was one point where we could actually distinguish any lyrics because the guitar and drums were SO loud (my ears rang for three days) but we didn’t care. No Age is about rocking out and that’s exactly what they did. “Eraser” was amazing and the crowd went crazy and “Miner” was awesome, too. I haven’t listened to much of their first LP, “Weirdo Rippers,” but they played some songs from that as well. The band, consisting of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer, Dean Allen Spunt, were incredibly cool. Dean actually came up to me after the show when I was waiting on the stairs and talked to me for a couple seconds. Awesome. My sister had a crush on him, so we found him in the bar upstairs afterwards and she gave him a hug. Overall, it was a great show and I strongly encourage you to go see them if you get the chance and if you love rocking out. 

Here’s a clip from the show. The song is “Miner”:




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